Welcome to my photography/videography business! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for storytelling with you. My name is Daniel Oni I'm a 27-year-old man who believes in the power of capturing moments and transforming them into timeless memories.

Creativity is at the core of everything I do. I constantly seek innovative ways to capture images and videos that go beyond the ordinary. Whether it's a stunning landscape, a heartfelt portrait, or a captivating event, I strive to create visually compelling content that leaves a lasting impact.

Before embarking on my photography and videography journey, I served as a combat engineer in the US Army. This experience instilled in me discipline, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to any situation. Currently, I work for a renowned general contractor, Hensel Phelps, where I continue to hone my skills in project management and problem-solving.

My multicultural background has shaped my perspective and artistic approach. Having been born in Lagos, Nigeria, and lived in Yellowknife, Canada, Perth, Australia, and now in various States in the US I have developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. These experiences have influenced my work, allowing me to capture the beauty of the world through a unique lens.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am an avid fan of Manchester United, where I find inspiration and a sense of community. I'm also a firm believer in self-development and constantly strive to broaden my knowledge and skills. You'll often find me attending music festivals with friends, embracing the joy of music and celebrating life's vibrant moments.

I approach life with an open mind and a flexible, easy-going nature. I have a profound curiosity to uncover the deeper meaning behind everything I encounter. Photography and videography have been my blessings, enabling me to share my gift with the world and connect with others through art.

I would be honored to collaborate with you, whether it's capturing your special moments, creating captivating visuals for your business, or bringing your creative vision to life. Let's embark on this incredible journey together and create extraordinary memories that will be cherished forever.

Daniel Oni Media Company Photographer Professional Videographer and Cinematographer